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Sunday, September 23, 2012

"The Walking Dead" season three comes with following web series "Cold Storage"

Michonne's kick-ass katana sword
"The Walking Dead" season three is returning on October 14. But the fans need not to wait too long as the movie's web series "Cold Storage" is coming more early on October 1.

USA Today has the exclusive details of a new wave of "Walking Dead" webisodes called "Cold Storage," starring Daniel Roebuck of "Lost" fame. (Yes, that's the one and only Doctor Arzt — think he'll have a bloodier exit here than his previous death-by-dynamite-lecture?)

The Story of this series:
Cold Storage tells the story of a young man, Chase (played by Josh Stewart), trying to reach his sister in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. He finds temporary shelter in a storage facility run by a former employee named B.J. (Roebuck); however, things are not what they appear.

"Walking Dead" co-executive producer and special effects mastermind Greg Nicotero will step behind the camera as director of the webisodes, airing over the course of four five-minute installments. It's not the early days of the Atlanta siege starring the tank zombie that so many of us are desperately craving, no, but it's still a solid amuse-bouche ahead of the AMC survival horror series' glorious, gory return.

Fight against Zombies

One of the Zombies