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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Fastest server Serena Williams in "Late Night Show"

Serena William with the gorgeous dress

The Olympic gold medal and many more medal winner Serena Williams has become one of the most prolific tennis players of all time. Serena plays with an aggressive play style that has changed the way the game is played and viewed. Her serve is often considered by expert analysts to be the greatest serve delivered by a female tennis player. The power and consistency of her serves is only one aspect of her dynamic tennis game, one that includes a brutal forehand and a striking double-handed backhand.

The famous serve
Recently she visited the "Late Night Show" sporting a skin-tight red dress with a plunging neckline that caused her to call out to David Letterman, "I think I saw your eyes almost pop out there." To which he responded, "Well I think so." The only detail more jaw-dropping than the 30-year-old's Victoria Beckham-designed frock was her giant diamond ring. It was a dress the 64-year-old host felt he had to comment on, even if it meant sounding like a dirty old man.

Letterman: “Wow, Boy do you look great!”
Serena: “Thank you. I saw your eyes almost pop out there.”
Letterman: “Well, I think so.”
Serena: “We can’t have that.”
Letterman: “That’s not the only thing—um, I didn’t hear that.”

And that folks was the beginning of a David Letterman-Serena Williams Viagra commercial.