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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jennie Garth new reality series tells about her recent spit with Peter Facinelli

Garth at Emmy in 1992

Kelly Taylor of the "Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise" Jennifer Eve "Jennie" Garth premiers her new series  "Jennie Garth: A Little Bit of Country" on CMT on April 20 that deals with her personal life, Garth's recent split from "twilight" actor Peter Facinelli, who will not appear in the show.

Garth’s divorce from Facinelli(2001-2012) began right in the middle pf production on A Little Bit of Country. The actress said recently on Today that the timing of the divorce was one of the most difficult things for her to deal with.

“[The timing] has probably been the hardest part,” Garth said (via Yahoo). “When I started to take this show on, I wasn’t headed down this road. It happened in the middle of filming the show. Now, part of my job … is doing press so I’m doing the interviews and people want to talk about it. I’m OK talking about [my divorce], but it’s not something you really want to talk about.”

Jennie may not have wanted to talk about her divorce, but there was one thing surrounding the divorce that the actress was quick to address: rumors that Garth was “jealous” of Facinelli’s success following his role in Twilight.

“I enjoyed the quote that I was envious of his fame,” Garth laughed. “There was nothing like that going on. I was very happy for him – so happy to be at home with the kids and enjoying my early retirement. I just wanted to be on the farm.”

Garth is moving forward, however, and she has plenty of things to keep her busy, including raising her three children, attending to her farm, and, of course, her new reality show, A Little Bit of Country. Facinelli isn’t gone from her and her family’s life, though–her ex is still involved with their family, and it’s something the two are actively working through.

“It is something that we [are] working through together – and as anybody who’s been through [divorce knows], it’s always kind of shocking. It’s sad for our family unit [but] we’re a great family and I think we always will be.”

Garth and her three daughters are now living on a 7-acre farm two hours from Los Angeles, with the help of her assistant Corinne.
Jennie Garth with daughter and ex-husband