Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton: slammed by outspoken 'The Smiths" frontman Morrissey

Morrissey, The Smiths frontman

Legendary band 'The Smiths" frontman Morrissey isn't holding back sharing how he really feels about the royal family. No stranger to controversy (or anti-royal comments) the rocker is once again slamming the British monarchy, and this time he's taking digs at Prince Harry and the entire royal family.

The former Smiths frontman also spoke out against the royal wedding in 2011, had his band wear "We hate William and Kate" shirts on stage and even compared Queen Elizabeth to Gaddafi and Mubarak. Perhaps he thought he hadn't made his stance clear enough when he released the hit album "The Queen Is Dead" back in 1986?

This time Morrissey said in an interview with the Herald Sun in Australia in reference to Harry's infamous nude photo scandal. "I wasn't surprised by Harry in Vegas because he's always been an absolute idiot,"  "The monarchy is foremost a business, and it's important to them that the British public continue to finance the excessive luxurious lifestyles of the now quite enormous, wasteful and useless 'royal' family. I find it very sad."

The outspoken musician didn't stop there and even the beloved Kate Middleton couldn't escape Morrissey's insults: "They are the most dysfunctional, unpleasant and arrogant people on the planet. A sour soap opera, and they should resign and retire," he added.

And in case you were unclear about his feelings, he went even further on his royal rant:
"Can you imagine how the Prime Minister of Argentina viewed Harry in Vegas? Or the Pope? Or the Archbishop of Canterbury?"

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