Friday, June 22, 2012

Halle Berry marring Oliver Martinez planned for Nahla's education

Halle Berry is planning now to marry her fiance, Dark Tides Costar, French actor-turned-restaurateur Oliver Martinez, 46. They became engaged in January and the couple hopes to get permission from a judge to move to paris with her daughter Nahla. "Halle wants somewhere to care for Nahla" told a source to US. Also it was said, "She wants to escape the paparazzi".

Halle is now busy in settling the issue of custody of her daughter with her ex Gabriel Aubry. A TMZ source informed that  the court ruled Monday that the court ruled Monday, and according to them the actress pay Aubry $20,000 a month in child support for their daughter Nahla. Nahla is now 4 and Berry and her ex's lawyar were in court for rulling.

Above all they planned to go to Cape Town, where they first fell in love, for nuptial.

“They want to have the ceremony and reception on a huge yacht in False Bay. They’re finalising a lot of the details now, like who’s going to design the dress.” 

The Oscar winner had pledged never to wed again but 45 year-old could not keep her vow when her new boyfriend proposed her to marry him.

“It’s obvious to everyone that they have finally found the right one this time,” the source said. “It’s especially exciting for Olivier, who has never been married before.”

After all the good news is that Nahla will grow up with a new surrounding and new environment of European education.

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