Sunday, May 6, 2012

Newly wed Carrie Underwood thinks a baby would mess things up right now

Grammy-winning Country music icon Carrie Underwood has told US Weekly that she and her husband of 21 months Mike Fisher aren’t quite ready to start a family because it would interfere with their already busy lives.

Carrie and her husband Fisher
She has  just released her new album Blown Away and superbusy with his work. Her husband who is a hockey player is also super busy competing in the Western Conference semifinals with his team, the Nashville Predators, which takes on the Phoenix Coyotes on Friday, May 4.

“We’re good. I’m super busy and he is super busy. We are still newlyweds,” Underwood, 29, explained to Us Weekly Magazine. “I honestly think that if we brought a kid into it would mess things up right now! We’re good right now!”

Though the couple, who wed in July 2010, spend long periods of time apart because of their jobs — Fisher is a professional hockey player for the Nashville Predators; Underwood is currently on tour to promote her new album, Blown Away   — Carrie says they take advantage of technology to shorten the gap when they are apart.

“We talk on the phone quite a bit, but we are not the kind of people who need to talk to each other every second of the day. We will text sweet little ‘I love yous.’ He will send me pictures of (my dogs) on a daily basis and makes sure that I know they are okay.”

Besides gushing about her husband and dishing on her plans to hold off on children, Underwood, who won season 4 of “American Idol,” also recently returned to the show’s stage to perform a single off her new album, Blown Away.

She performed the record’s title track on Thursday’s episode of “American Idol,” the same night contestant Skylar Laine, another country singer, was eliminated from the competition. After the the show, Underwood told it felt good to be back on the American Idol stage.

“It’s really nice that they let me come back, I mean it’s such an amazing show and for me to actually be a part of it is very cool and very special to me,” Carrie said.

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