Monday, April 2, 2012

Julia Roberts' different role in new film "Mirror Mirror," a new version of "Snow White"

Julia Roberts this time plays evil Queen in 'Mirror Mirror' evil Queen in "Mirror Mirror," and with it she marks a departure for the US actress, whose career has included everything from campaigning lawyer to high-class call girl and celebrity love interest. "Mirror Mirror" is only the first of two "Snow Whites"; "Snow White and the Huntsman" comes out on June 1.

Directed by Indian filmmaker Tarsem Singh -- who made last year's "Immortals" -- the movie based on the famous Brothers Grimm children's tale opens in the United States on Friday.

Roberts, who at 44 remains one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, made her name in films including 1990's "Pretty Woman" and "Erin Brockovich" in 2000, and said she never thought she would appear in a fairy tale. For Roberts, the film is less about making it different from Disney, but more "changing the tone of it, just giving a different relationship" between the Queen and Snow White, played by young British actress Lily Collins.

"I think people like variations on things," Roberts said. The "Notting Hill" and, more recently, "Eat Pray Love" star said she liked playing the Queen, Snow White's cruel stepmother. she added: "I'm happy to announce (that the Evil Queen) is not inside me... Without naming names, I drew from a couple of people I know better than I wish I did, and found it very fun and helpful." While "Mirror Mirror" is a family film, Roberts says she nevertheless has no plans to show it to her 7-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, or 4-year-old Henry, anytime soon.

Much has been done to hide “Mirror Mirror” from the public before it opens. The “premiere” was last Saturday morning in Hollywood, for children. There is no New York premiere, for people of any age. It screened Wednesday night in New York.

The film has already opened in several countries. This is a studio trick–take a big star in an iffy movie, bring them to Spain, Italy, Germany, etc and open there first. They’re happy to have the stars and see the movies no matter the reviews.Capishe? Indeed, “Mirror Mirror” opened two weeks ago in Hungary, Israel, Russia, Poland, Romania, Armenia , Bulgaria, Spain. Rather than wait, distributors are going fast into 9 more countries this weekend, and a bunch more right away. There’s no time to waste. They’ve got to pay Julia Roberts, and they have a big budget for special effects. Better to strike while the iron is hot.

Snow white with seven dwarf

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