Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Britney Spears to marry again: ex husbands reaction.

Spears and her boyfriend and would be husband
Britney Spears  is to marry her long-term boyfriend and former agent Jason Trawick, and K-Fed, 33. they were engaged over two years Jason Trawick US Weekly told last friday. While ex-hubby Kevin Federline told Australia's TV Week magazine he was "really happy" for the mom of his two sons Sean Preston 6 and Jayden James 5, Alexander wasn't exactly thrilled about the pop star's big news.

"I know everyone wants me to be happy about this, but I am not," Alexander, who was her husband (2004) only for three days and is currently training for the World of MMA fighting competition, told Us exclusively. "I think it's fake and I think people are afraid to say it."

"If you look at all the pictures between them there is no connection," he added. "They look like they are going through the motions.  It seems like a answer to the court thing." (The singer is currently under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears; Trawick once served as the star's manager.) "Sort of a nice way to sew it all up she marries her handler," Alexander sniped. "That way she always has someone controlling her. It's sort of sad."

Kevin and Britney were together for just over two years before their divorce in 2006.

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