Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tiger Woods received an apology for racial slur from fired caddie williams

Tiger Woods' former caddie Steve Williams has apologized to him recently as he made a racial slur. The two met and shook hands Tuesday.Steve Williams made the slur during a caddies awards event in Shanghai. "It was a wrong thing to say, something that we both acknowledge," Woods said. "He did apologize. It was hurtful, certainly, but life goes forward."

Wood also said ahead of the Australian Open at The Lakes Golf Club, "We talked this morning, we met face to face and talked about it, talked it through."  But on Tuesday wood said that  "It was a comment that shouldn't have been made and was certainly one that he wished he didn't make."

Williams was on Woods' bag for 13 of his 14 majors over 13 years. In July Woods fired Williams. Woods said that he is now injury-free for the first time in months, allowing him to practice at an accelerated rate. With the divorce by his wife, he had been suffering bad times since 2009. His last win on any tour was at the Australian Masters in November 2009.

Tiger Woods and his caddie Steve Williams: How close they were!

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