Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will Smith not dead at all

Will Smith
Will Smith is well alive:

The news that Will Smith died falling off a cliff in New Zealand over the weekend while filming a movie made us dumb and we could not believe that news. Our firm belief has proved true that the death rumor spread by becomes fake at last. The Fresh Prince is well fit and wil be appearing on the local movie theater screens during summer blockbusters.

For the twitter users who have become very much worried to know the fact ShaneDeWayne tweets, “Just in: Will Smith is NOT dead. 2Pac is.” ShaneDeWaye knows which celebs are alive and which are dead and he wants everyone to know it. Thanks for the information Shane! This kind of fake news come occationally and the news of falling off the same Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand came also for George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Natalie Portman and Jeff Goldblum. The cliff is really an interesting place to provide topics for liars and fear to the lovers.

Recently Will Smith has expressed that his first choice for his latest film "Hancock" was Aishwaria but then she was busy Bollywood and missed the chance. However he admits  that he likes the dazzling Indian beauty the most and he wants to do a project with her in near future …

So called Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand

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