Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rebecca Black, a 13 years old amazing singer.

Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black, a Californian girl of just 13, has become a sensation overnight throughout the world. She has just recorded a ditty called "Friday" and Youtube released it in March 14. Since then it has had amazing 140 million hits and gained enormous recognition. Black's name has at the sametime and same manner occupied the national attention.

Amazing Black
Last week a bombshell of striking rumor emerged that Black is pregnant. But she herself extnguished the false notion twitting "I thought it was May 15th ... not April Fool's Day. I'm absolutely NOT pregnant."
The fascination with Black is may be strange. People might have elevated her because of her lack of singing talent (at least what was evidenced through her song "Friday"). Whether or not she can really sing is in question as "Friday" revealed a monotone, nasally, and highly auto tuned voice. In fact, "Friday" has received nearly 3 million "dislike" votes as opposed to only a mere 400,000 "like" votes on YouTube.

Moreover she received lots of death threats via e-mail and phone. Yet she decided to pursue a follow-up to her first hit with courage and is working on a song called "LOL" in an Orange County Studio (Flying Pig Productions in California).
Rebeca Black
Rebecca Black is grateful to receive support from Lady Gaga (who called her a "genius"), Simon Cowell who told Entertainment Weekly that the fact that "Friday" was making " -- people so angry is brilliant," and even Justin Bieber who sang parts of "Friday" for his fans.

If Black can be successful in her following release of new songs she would receive extreame attention again and all the controversies will die away in the stream of popularity.

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