Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nicolas Cage celebrated a night after a long time

Nicolas Cage and His son in the circle 

A brighter moment for Nicolas Cage 

Weston and Nikki Williams
Oscar wining American movie star Nicolas Cage spent a good Sunday night after a long time as he celebrated the wedding of his son Weston and Nikki Williams. Weston is Just 20 but William is 2 years more than him. It's really a good news for us as Nicolas is passing difficult month now.

In the marriage ceremony Nicolas who is 47 put on a black tuxedo and the program took place in famous Omni Royal Hotel in New Orleans. "Nic was smiling and happy as he toasted the happy couple on the back of the boat," a source tells PEOPLE.

Weston and Nikki Williams are musicians and got engaged few weeks ago. On April 23, 2011 Williams posted a status on Twitter page, "Weston presented me with my GORGEOUS ring last night in front of a giant bonfire and the Fire Department showed up."
After the chapter in the hotel they all took a yacht to Lake Pontchartrain amid celebration.

Nicolas Cage

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